Meet the Nomic Team — Luis Schaab, Software Engineer on Hardhat

Today, we’re introducing you to Luis — a member of the Hardhat team and who played an instrumental role in the development of our latest…

Meet the Nomic Team — Luis Schaab, Software Engineer on Hardhat

Today, we’re introducing Luis — a member of the Hardhat team who played an instrumental role in the development of our latest plugin Hardhat+Viem.

What is your name, and what do you do at Nomic?

Hey there! I’m Luis and I’m part of the Hardhat team. Since joining, I’ve contributed to the hardhat-verify and hardhat-viem plugins, and more recently, I've been involved in integrating ESM into TypeScript projects.

Where are you located? Is that where you are from originally?

I’m from Argentina and currently live in a small town in the Santa Fe province.

Who are you outside of work? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of work, I’m a huge gamer — I probably spend more time playing games than I should! 😅 Apart from gaming, I really enjoy spending time outdoors and going on trips with my wife and our dog. We love planning new adventures and discovering different places together.

What were you doing professionally before joining Nomic? Why did you decide to join the team?

Before joining Nomic, I took a sabbatical leave. I needed a break from the usual corporate software scene and was looking for something new and exciting to dive into.

The answer to my search turned out to be Nomic. In Hardhat, I have the opportunity to work on something meaningful for the community and, at the same time, something entertaining and challenging for myself.

What’s your story behind getting into crypto/blockchain/decentralized tech?

I’m a bit ashamed now, but when I first heard about crypto I was pretty skeptical. That changed a couple years later, when I started receiving a part of my salary in cryptocurrency. As I began exploring and playing with crypto, I discovered the huge ecosystem around Ethereum. I was instantly hooked. The more I read, the more fascinated I became. Now, I firmly believe that blockchain and crypto will play a significant role in shaping the future of technology and, hopefully, the world.

What are the things that you enjoy and appreciate about working at Nomic?

Flexibility. Being able to work at any time, as long as I coordinate with my team, is super nice. Working alongside such a group of crazy smart people is really inspiring. It constantly reminds me that there’s so much to learn, and I love it.

Which one of our core values resonates with you the most and why? How do you see it being “used” at Nomic?

The core value that really speaks to me at Nomic is Kindness. I believe in treating each other with respect and truly valuing different opinions and personalities. Here, I see that every day. Our team is not just talented; they’re genuinely warm and supportive. It’s great to work in such a welcoming environment.

What are you excited about when you think about your future at Nomic?

There are a lot of cool things coming for Hardhat, and I love being part of it.

What is your best tip for staying productive and happy when working remotely?

For me, it’s about working in a peaceful environment. That, and lots of coffee and mate 🧉.

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