Meet the Nomic Team — Manu Freire, Head of Legal & Finance

We’re continuing to shed light on the talented individuals behind the Nomic Foundation. Today, let us introduce you to Manu, our Head of…

Meet the Nomic Team — Manu Freire, Head of Legal & Finance

We’re continuing to shed light on the talented individuals behind the Nomic Foundation. Today, let us introduce you to Manu, our Head of Legal & Finance.

First retreat with the team — forgot to wear sunscreen

What is your name, and what do you do at Nomic?

Hey there! I’m Manu Freire, Head of Legal & Finance at Nomic. I am responsible for ensuring that we comply with the law and that our finances are in order. 😅

Where are you located? Is that where you are from originally?

I’m currently located in London, but I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Who are you outside of work? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, outside of work, I’m a bit of an outdoors person! I enjoy playing sports, especially football (or soccer, if you prefer), and I also like running and hiking. Traveling is one of my passions as well, I love visiting new countries and exploring new places. And food, of course — I consider myself a foodie, I love trying new dishes and restaurants. Finally, I’m always up for hanging out with friends and going out to have some fun!

What were you doing professionally before joining Nomic?

Boring stuff. I sold my soul as an investment banker for almost 5 years. Jokes aside, I actually enjoyed and valued the experience, as it taught me nearly everything I know about finance today.

Why did you decide to join the team?

I was actually a latecomer into the crypto/blockchain world. I started to get deep into it on a personal level during the pandemic. But soon, I realized how interesting the technology was and its potential. Particularly Ethereum, as I came to understand how innovative it was and the huge potential it has to impact society in a positive way. So, when the opportunity to join Nomic appeared by the end of 2021, I just went for it. And I was still going to do finance, which I’m also passionate about. It was a win-win! It proved to be a great decision, by the way!

What are the things that you enjoy and appreciate about working at Nomic?

The top of the list has to be the people. Even though we work remotely, everyone is super friendly, welcoming, and willing to help when anyone else from the team is in need.

But also, one of the things that I enjoy and appreciate about working at Nomic is the flexibility that remote working provides while still being able to have a great work dynamic with the rest of the team, even though we’re spread globally.

Which one of our core values resonates with you the most and why? How do you see it being “used” at Nomic?

Social Impact. As I mentioned before, one of the things that initially drew me to Ethereum was its potential to have a positive impact on society. Considering my background, I quickly recognized Ethereum’s potential to revolutionize personal finance and provide unprecedented financial access to everyone.

In terms of Nomic, I think that the fact that we’re a non-profit clearly shows our commitment to generating an impact in a selfless way.

What are you excited about when you think about your future at Nomic?

I love to be part of an industry with so much potential for growth and innovation. So, for me, it’s exciting to think about the role Nomic plays in shaping the future of Ethereum and the industry. I like to believe I’m also contributing my 2 cents.

What is your best tip for staying productive and happy when working remotely?

A helpful tip that has proven effective for me while working remotely is setting daily and weekly goals. Specifically, daily goals help me improve my productivity, enabling me to accomplish what I set out to do. Also, incorporating a quick workout during lunchtime has been beneficial in maintaining both productivity and overall well-being. Taking that break to socialize outdoors has proven to be a mood booster.

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